2019-2020 AP Mini-Poster Grading Rubric

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AP Chemistry Lab Min-Poster Report Grading Rubric

_____ Is the Poster Neat and Organized (2pts)

_____ Title and Author(s) (1pt)

_____ Short Abstract (Summary of Experiment) (2pts)

_____ Question clearly stated (1pt)

_____ Hypothesis clearly stated (1pt)

_____ Background Information define conditions and provides sufficient chemistry understanding (2pts)

_____ Variables described appropriately (1pt)

_____ Material listed (1pt)

_____ Procedures clearly described (2pts)

_____ Results are summarized in a short paragraph (in a clear and concise manner) (2pts)

_____ Results are displayed in a table and or graph (3 pts)

_____ Statistical tests are performed and described (if needed) (2pts)

_____ Discussion/conclusion (what do results mean?) (4 pts)

_____ Give real life application/issue that deals with concept (with appropriate explanation) (3pts).

_____ Literature cited (1pts)

_____ Total (out of 20-30 pts)

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