2019-2020 AP Questions For Precipitation Lab

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Answer the following questions from AP Precipitation Lab.

1. Write the chemical reaction that occurred in this letter in
a) Word equation (i.e. elemental oxygen added to elemental hydrogen to produce gaseous water)
b) Balanced chemical reactions including phases.
c) Net ionic reaction showing all work.

2. What was the solid product made in this lab, given name and chemical formula?

3. From your calculations in the lab, one of the ions was the limiting reactant. What was the other ion of the same charge? What was the concentration of this other ion in the final solution if we assume the volumes are additive (there are no additional volumes added).

4. If the limiting reactant was originally a solid (on in a solution) of a known mass, would it matter how water you used to dissolve the ions assuming all the other steps in the lab was the same? Would this change the answer to the lab?

5. What lab step(s) could you do to ensure all the limiting reactant ion was reacted in the lab?

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