2022-2023 Honors Chem328 Review HW For Chemical Reaction Including Predicting Products

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For the following problems, show all work (as done in previous homework) to:
a)Determine if reaction occurs (by making balanced complete chemical reaction). Include this even if reaction does not occur.
b)Even if the reaction does not occur find the Net Ionic reaction
c)Perform stoichiometric problems as if the reaction did (or does) occur

1) If 32.5g sodium sulfide is added to copper (II) acetate (as much as needed to react), how many grams each product do you have?

2) If you react 56.3L of fluorine gas (@STP) with calcium chloride (enough for reaction), how many liters of the gas product and grams of the solid/liquid/aqueous product do you make?

3) If you react 72.3g ammonium nitrate with potassium carbonate (enough to react), how many grams of each product do you make (so you will do the calculation twice once for each product)?

4. If you react 21.6g of Zinc wire (Zn as an element) in an Aluminum iodide solution (enough to react), how many grams of each of the products do you make?

1) Products: NaC2H3O2(aq) , CuS(s)
Coeff: 1,1,2,1
Net Ionic: 1 S2- + 1 Cu2+ --> 1 Cu1S1(s)
Stoichiometry 40.0g CuS and 68.3g NaC2H3O2.

2) Products: CaF2(aq), Cl2(g)
Coeff: 1,1,1,1
Net Ionic: 1 F2(g) + 2 Cl1- --> 2 F1- + 1 Cl2(g)
Stoichiometry 56.3 L Cl2 @STP, 196g CaF2

3) Products: KNO3(aq), (NH4)2CO3(aq)
Coeff: 2,1,2,1
Net Ionic: All cancel out, No Reaction
Stoichiometry 91.3g KNO3, 43.3g (NH4)2CO3(aq)

4) Reaction does not occur because Zinc is not higher up on the Activity Series chart(more active) than Aluminum (that is in the ionic compound). If it did occur, the products would be: Zn1Cl2 (aq) and Al(s)
Coeff: 3 (Zn),2, 3, 2(Al)
Net Ionic Reaction: 3 Zn + 2 Al3+ --> 3 Zn2+ + 2 Al
Stoichiometry answers: 106g Zn1I2 and 5.98g Al.

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