2023-2024 Additional Questions For Dalton Notes And A Brief History Of Atom Handout

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Here are a few more questions on [A Brief History of the Atom Figure] besides [Questions for Brief Hisotry of Atomic Structure Handout].

1) What was the name of the Greek who first came up with the theory that matter was made up of small particles and what was name he gave these particles?

_______________________ and ____________________

2) What the name of person who came up with the Duality of Light (specifically Wave - Particle Duality for electrons) and what does it mean.

3a) Name of Schrodinger model of atom was (or sometime called the Charged Cloud model).

3b) In this model, one can't know the ______________ (two words) of an electron

3c) But instead the best we can do is ______________ of finding electron.

3d) These 3-D region of space outside nucleus are called ___________where you can "find" an electron with a given amount of energy (so we have cut up Bohr's spheres in subregions).

3e) Letters associated with these regions are ___, ____, ____ and ______.

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