2023-2024 Quiz A Massing Mole (Chocolate Sample)

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A major part of the holiday's for children (young and old) is chocolate. Chocolate is not a single molecule but accurately a mixture where the main ingredient is cocoa. They believe cocoa is made up of thembroma oil, which they believe the chemical formula of this oil is C64H128O2.

Questions: If I want the stated below moles of C64H128O2 (we will assume whole mass of chocolate is this), how many grams are needed to be weighed/massed out ?

If I wigh/mass out stated below grams of C64H128O2, how many moles of C64H128O2 do I have.

_________________ g C64H128O2

__________________mole C64H128O2

Molar mass C64H128O2 calculation work:

Show work below to get answer :

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