2023-2024 Updated Coloring Periodic Table Quiz B

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Name: ___________________________ Period: _________________________

Fill in the blank with most correct answer (either give symbol or name of the element.
Remember: Family=group=column

1. Give the element that is a metal and a nitrogen family member___________________

2. Circle from the following elements, the element that is NOT a semi-metal (metalloid): Ge, Al, As, Sb

3. Give the Element that has valence electrons in the 3rd energy level and is part of the Alkaline Earth Metal family. ____________________________________________________

4. Give me an Alkali metal that has its valence electron in 4th energy level:____________

5. Give me an Inner Transitional (Metal) Element: ____________________________

6. Give me the diatomic element that has 5 valence electrons. ________________

7. Give me the diatomic element that is a solid at room temperature. ____________

8. Give me the Noble Gases with their valence electrons in the 4th energy level. _________

9. Circle which of the following element is NOT a transitional element: Cr, Cu, Ca, Cd .

10. Circle the member of the Representative element that is a solid at room temp from the following: Ru, Ra, Rf, Re, Rh.

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