2023 Making A Molarity Solution Lab

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You are a researcher in McLeod Inc, Candy and Powdered Drink Division. Your group of 3 researchers have been given the task of developing a new "Kool-Aid like" sugared and/or carbonated drink (can't call it Kool-Aid since that is a trademark/copyright).

Part 1 : Reproducing the competition (Kool-Aid recipe)

1) Determine the amount of powdered drink you need for a ______ oz 0.240M solution. Check with teacher before going to next step.

2) Weigh out that many gram of the Kool-Aid solid on a piece of transfer paper. Make observations.

3) At same time, another member of the group will be going to get a plastic cup and make the 5oz of water. There will be a reference cup (marked R with a black line indicating ____oz volume line). Put reference cup inside your cup and transpose the marks onto your cup. Take reference cup so someone else can use it. You now have the cup you will make solution in the correct volume of the solution.

4) Bring it back to your station will a wooden stirring stick.

5) While slowly adding in solid Kool-Aid into water while stirring until all the solid has dissolved in the water to create your solution.

6) Every member must try the solution and the whole solution MUST be drank by the group.

7) Dispose of all the material in the trash (since you drank everything there should be NO solution left).


1) Solid Kool-Aid

2a) Kool-Aid solution (after all solid dissolved).
2b) How does it taste?

Question: Do you think that is sufficient amount of Kool-Aid for taste?

In the space below, draw (and explain in words) what the sugar (basically C6H12O6) looks like before you added it to water and what it looks like since you made solution.

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