AP Chem 360 Summer Work Updated 2017-2018

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Welcome to AP Chemistry (2017-2018). I hope this year will be both enjoyable and challenging.

Here are a few items to work on or know.

Textbook for course (You should have already picked it up)

There is a good chance that we will be using an updated version of the book I handed out to you. However, for the Summer Work, we will use that version of the textbook (Zumdahl's Chemistry (Houghton Mifflin), ISBN 0-669-41794-7 (alternate, search)). Therefore, please do not buy another copy online. If I find that this book is going to be used throughout the year, then you can buy an extra copy to keep at home. We will discuss more about this in the first few days of class. Also, do not buy any AP Chem Prep book. Again, we will talk about that issue in class.

Lab Notebook
I will like you to buy a "good" lab notebook. Specifically, you will buy this one from Staples,([National Brand Quad Ruled Computation and Lab Notebook 9-1/4" x 11-3/4"]). The only things that goes into this notebook is lab information and you will NOT start writing in it until I talk to you first. (pages are all numbered).
Update 8/27/19: I just used the above URL on google and it came up with this exact Staple product, about $18. Also went thru Amazon and got approximately same price. So you can order it where ever you need.

Other items for Course

Assignments/homework to be completed for 1st day

Set# Reading : Homework (in Zumdahl)

Set#1 Chapter 1 (Dimensional Analysis stuff): Pg30 #30,37,41,69,72.

Set#2 Chapter 2 Pg72 #47,69,73. Set#3 Chapter 3: Pg123 #15,47,49,61,67,69 Set#4 Chapter 3: Pg123 #77d&e,87,90,96 Set#5 Will be given in class and will be completed during first week of school.

Set#6 Chapter 5: Pg230 25,27,31,41,49,55,57,64,65,80,92 (2017-2018 AP Chem Learners WILL NOT DO THIS SET- Need to Do now as part of Prep for Gas Test)

The actual answer (where I can give you the answer without doing all the work) are given in Answers to AP Chem Summer Work Updated 2017-2018. Of course, you need to show all work(even for simple conversions for now) so having the answer only helps to work through problems you are having trouble with. In addition, you may want to look in the back of the AP book for the section of Selected Answers (blue highlighted are in back of book).

The only other issue for the first day is a lab safety contract. Please go to LabSafetyContract and copy, then read the Flinn Scientific Lab Safety Contract. Finally, you need to complete the Contract and sign it (both you and your parents). We will go over it on the first day of school. (I would like this completed for the first day so that we can do a lab the 2nd day of school).

By end of 1st week, all homework sets are due. Please have each Homework Set on a separate page(s). Therefore, you will be handing in five (4 for 2017-2018) separate packages, one for each Homework Set.

If you have any questions (including disagreement with answer key) or concerns over the summer, you can e-mail me at my school email address.

I hope you have a good rest of summer and enjoy.
Mr. McLeod

P.S. Please realize that the first few chapters are heavily math related so homework is also. Not all the concepts in this course are so math laden. Also, if you find you are having significant problems with a problem or set of problems, go on to the next problem and come in with questions for the first day(s). Remember, this is still Summer/vacation so do the best you can and we can get through the rest together when we get back to school.

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