AP Lab Quiz For Volumetric Analysis Lab

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There is a Schoology portion to this Lab Quiz.

Show all appropriate work and/or justify your answer using as much lab data as possible to answer the following questions/problems.

1) In the space provided, write the balanced chemical reaction including phases and all work to show net ionic reaction for the chemical reaction the Precipitation lab.

2) In the Activity (Redox) Lab, you added Aluminum and Magnesium (one of them metal to its other's ion solution). The one combination that caused the chemical reaction to occur, show all work for: is oxidized, is reduced, is oxidizing agent, is reducing agent, and balancing reaction using oxidation number.

3) In the Strong Acid - Strong Base Titration Lab, if you used calcium hydroxide solution and nitric acid solution, write the balanced chemical reaction including phases and then solve the following problem showing all work:

What is the molarity of the nitric acid solution if I needed to add 25.4mL of this acid to titrate (get to equivalence point ) for 57.3 mL of a 0.451M calcium hydroxide solution.

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