AP Objectives Of Solids, Liquids, And Solutions

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The students will be able to:

Liquids and Solids
1. Explain the different Intermolecular forces (IMF) including dipole-dipole attraction, hydrogen bonding and London Dispersion forces.

2. Using the knowledge from 1), the students can apply these principles to explain the physical manifestation of these IMF including surface tension, capillary action, viscosity, and miscibility/dissociation.

3. Differentiate between atomic (network, metallic and Group 8A), Molecular and Ionic solid including understanding/explain structural unit, Type of bonding, typical properties and example of each. (see Table 10.7)

4. Understand vapor pressure and how it is effected by temperature, enthalpy of vaporization and IMF.

5. Draw and explain a simple heating curve that goes from solid phase through gas phase including phase change and non-phase change location.

6. Utilize and read a Phase Diagram including sublimation points, vaporization points, triple point, critical point (temperature and pressure). In addition, be able to show how a "normal" heating curve is shown on a Phase Diagram.


1. Calculate mass percent, mole fraction, molarity and molality problem.

2. Explain the three phases of enthalpy of solution and how the three combine to determine the overall outcome of the solution (see Table 11.3 in Zumdahl).

3. Explain the factors that affect solubility including structure, pressure and temperature (for aqueous solution) including calculating Henry's Law.

4. Explain how vapor pressure of solution compares to vapor pressure of the pure solvent (assuming same temperature). Also, be able to calculate Raoult's Law problems.

5. Be able to explain and calculate Colligative properties (boiling point elevation, freezing point depression, and osmotic pressure) problems. In addition, explain and calculate the van Hoff factor of electrolytes for Colligative properties.

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