Answers To CP Questions On Brief History Of Atom Table - Revised 2022-2023

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Here is answers to question of CP Questions on Brief History of Atom Table - Revised 2022-2023. These questions including Rutherford but excluding Bohr and Schrodinger.

1) Plum Pudding Model

2) Rutherford

3) electrons

4) compounds are made up of 2 or more elements in a fixed mass ratio.

5) Dalton

6) Electrons

7) protons and neutrons

8a) Atoms are indivisible (can not divide it). Atoms are made of subatomic particles (protons, electrons, neutrons). But it is still the smallest particle though, that also retains its characteristics)

8b) Atoms of the same element are the same including mass. Isotopes are by definition, atoms of the same element that differ by mass (actually # of neutrons)

9a) Atoms combined in a simple fixed number ratio (that also mean fixed mass ratio) to form compounds.

9b) Different atoms of different elements are different including mass. For our chemistry world, that is correct (real answer is that in a nuclear reaction an element can become another different element (but it is predetermined you do not have a chose).

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