Answers To Revised 2023-2024 Questions For Notes On Overview And General Understanding Of Equilibrium

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1) Everybody goes to the party.

2) Even though outward (macro-view) observations are not changing, there is constant change (both forward and backward reaction are occurring at same rate), (micro-view) in the system.

3) Mostly product in the bucket at equilibrium (no matter you initially put in the bucket).

4) Equilibrium concentrations of all the species in a given "bucket".

5) When the rate of the forward reaction and backward reaction are equal. Equilibrium is time independent.

6) Solid and liquid phase have a concentration of 1 (so you cross them out with a "1" in the original equilibrium constant expression). Only gas phase and aqueous (solutions) phase "stay" in equillibrium constant expression (since both of them can have concentrations).

7) Molarity (M) = (mole solute / L of solution), How many solute (or simply substance) particles per volume.

8)Stays constant (No change) since rate of forward and backward reaction are equal.

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