Group Mole Wheel Graphic Organizer Lab

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Name of each Group Member:______________________________

Period: ________

Get in Groups of 3, do the following.

Using the Mole Wheel handout attached and the clear colored small chips, devise a step-by-step method (on the actual Mole wheel paper) of determining the correct equation to use to calculation a One Step Mole Problem (either massing, counting or voluming).

Write your group Step-by-Step method below (use standard numbering system for steps):

On the back of this page, using the above method including using the Mole Wheel paper and clear colored chips, answer the following two problemsincluding how you used the above method in the answer work.

a) How many molecules of C1O2, do I have if I have 3.29 mole of this compound?
b) How many grams (g) C8H18 do I need to mass out to have 0.738 mole of this compound (basically this molecule is gasoline)?


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