Lab Questions With Miscibility Lab - Updated 2023

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Here is answers. to Miscibility Lab - Updated 2023.

Using the information you obtained from the Miscibility Lab - Updated 2023 and notes taken in the Section, Do Substance Dissolve into Another Substance, answer the following questions:

Remember: You may not have room to answer these questions in the space between the questions

1. When two substances dissolve / are miscible, do the basic particle rearrange into new particles or do they stay the same? What type of process is this physical or chemical?

2. What type of Intermolecular Force (IMF) does water have? Please use Polarity (Bond and/or Molecular Polarity in your explanation.

3a. How did you know which Solution A or Solution B was water? Please include in your explanation details on Polarity (Bond and Molecular) for both substances..

3b. Explain in DETAIL and draw a picture of how these two substance dissolve in each other.

4a. The Solution (A or B) that was not water, was oil. Look back in your notes on MolecularPolarity in your link for an explanation of why oil is a non-polar molecule. What type of substance must the Solution (A or B) be if it was miscible (i.e. dissolves) in the oil.

4b. Explain in Detail and draw a picture of how the oil and the Solution A or B dissolve in each other.

5a. What happened when the substance that was miscible with Solution A and other substance that was miscible with Solution B were mixed together (added together)?

5b. Explain in Detail and draw a picture of what you observed happen.

6a. After adding in the soap and looking under the microscope, what did you observe? What are the circular substance called?

6b. Soap is one of a family of chemical called? They are special because of why (Hint: think of polarity)?

6c. Explain in detail and draw a picture of what that circular substance is made up of?

6d. From your knowledge of this lab, what is the main function (if not only function) of soap?

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