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Laboratory Manual:

We do not use one specific lab manual but rather a collection from various sources including:
a. Randall, Jack , Advanced Chemistry with Vernier, Vernier Software & Technology, (ISBN 1-929075-36-7 (alternate, search)).
b. Vonderbrink, Sally Ann, Laboratory Experiments for Advanced Placement Chemistry, (ISBN 1-877991-34-1 (alternate, search)).
c. Fossett, Martin and Hostage, David, AP Chemistry Laboratory Investigations.

Laboratory :
1. Determination of the formula of a compound. (1.5hs) (a)
2. Determination of the percentage of water in a hydrate (1hr)(a)
3. Determination of molar mass by vapor density (1.5hr)(b)
4. Determination of molar mass by freezing-point depression (2hr)(a)
5. Determination of molar volume of a gas. (2hr)(a)
6. Standardization of a solution using primary standard (2hr)(a)
7. Determination of concentration by acid-base titration, including weak acid or weak base (2hr)(a,b)
8. Determination of concentration by oxidation-reduction titration (2hr)( c)
9. Determination of mass and mole relationship in a chemical reaction (2hr)(a)
10. Determination of the equilibrium constant for a chemical reaction (2hr)(a,b)
11. Determination of appropriate indicators for various acid-base titration, pH determination (2hr)(a)
12. Determination of the rate of a reaction and its order. (2hr)( c)
13. Determination of enthalpy change associated with a reaction (2hr)( a)
14. Separation and qualitative analysis of cations and anions. (3+hr)(b)
15. Synthesis of a coordination compound and its chemical analysis (2+hr)(b)
16. Analytical gravimetric determination (1.5hr)(a,b)
17. Colorimetric or spectrophotometric analysis (2hr)(b)
18. Separation by chromatography (2hr)( b,c)
19. Preparation and properties of buffer solutions (1.5hr)( b)
20. Determination of electrochemical series (1hr)(a,b)
21. Measurement using electrochemical cells and electroplating (1.5hr)(a, c)
22. Sythesis, purification and analysis of an organic compound (2+hr)(b)

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