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Laboratory Manual:

We do not use one specific lab manual but rather a collection from various sources including:
a. Randall, Jack , Advanced Chemistry with Vernier, Vernier Software & Technology, (ISBN 1-929075-36-7 (alternate, search)).
b. Vonderbrink, Sally Ann, Laboratory Experiments for Advanced Placement Chemistry, (ISBN 1-877991-34-1 (alternate, search)).
c. Fossett, Martin and Hostage, David, AP Chemistry Laboratory Investigations.

General List
Metals and solid ionic compounds

1. Aluminum wire (20cm)
2. Magnesium ribbon (10cm or 0.1g per group)
2. Cu, Pb, Mg, and Zn electrodes
2. Solid iodine
2. copper (II) chloride hydrate (1g per group)
2. copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate (1g per group)
3. magnesium sulfate hydrate (1g per group)
4. sodium hydroxide
5. potassium thiocyanate
5. pyrolusite
5. sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
6. sodium acetate

1. 6M HCl
2. 3M HCl
3. Concen HCl
4. 0.100M HCl
4. concen HAc
5. 1.00M HAc
5. 0.10M HAc
6. phosphoric acid
6. 2.0M sodium hydroxide solution
5. 0.20M sodium hydroxide solution
5. 0.10M sodium hydroxide solution
6. 6M NaOH
6. 2.0M ammonia solution
7. 0.10M ammonia solution
7. 2.0M ammonium chloride solution
7. 0.1% aluminon
8. 0.01M potassium permanganate
8. 0.10M KI solution
8. 3% hydrogen peroxide solution
8. 10% hydrogen peroxide solution (need to dilute down pool shock (30%))
9. 0.50M sodium hypochlorite solution
10. 0.50M sodium thiosulfate solution
11. 0.1M sodium bromide
11. 0.1M copper (II) nitrate solution
12. 0.10M lead (II) nitrate solution
13. 1.0M copper (II) sulfate solution
14. 0.1M magnesium nitrate
15. 1M potassium nitrate solution
16. 0.10M zinc nitrate solution
17. 0.10M silver nitrate solution
11. 0.200M iron (III) nitrate solution in 1.0M nitric acid
12. 0.00200M iron (III) nitrate solution in 1.0M nitric acid
13. 0.002M potassium thiocyanate solution in 0.10M nitric acid 14. phenolphthalein indicator solution
15. bromthymol blue indicator solution
16. methyl orange indicator solution
17. Commercial bleach
18. Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
19. Unsweetened Kool-aid

Organics and others
1. Acetone
2. Benzoic acid (100g) 3. Cyclohexane
3. Lauric acid (200g) 4. Methanol, anhydrous
5. Acetic anhydride, liquid
6. Liquid bromine

For Qualitative analysis of cation and anion
6M nitric acid, 6M HAc, 6M HCl, 6M sulfuric acid, 6M ammonia, 6M sodium hydroxide, 3% hydrogen peroxide, solutions of tin(II) chloride, potassium thiocyanate, silver nitrate, mercury (I) nitrate, copper (II) nitrate, zinc nitrate, cobalt (II) nitrate, lead (II) nitrate, iron (II) nitrate, aluminum nitrate, bismuth (II) nitratepotassium permanganate, barium chloirde, sodium chloride, potassium iodide, sodium carbonate, sodium bromide, sodium sulfate, sodium nitrate,manganese (II) nitrate, aluminum nitrate, 0.1M iron (III) nitrate in 0.6M nitric acid, solid potassium nitrite, solid sodium bismuthate

For ester making
Formic acid (methanoic acid), propionic acid (propanoic acid), butyric acid (butanoic acid), salicylic acid, anthranilic acid, methanol, ethanol, n-propanol, isopropyl alcohol, butyl alcohol, isoamyl (isopentyl) alcohol, octanol

Laboratory :
1. Determination of the formula of a compound. (1.5hs)a
Aluminum wire (20cm), copper (II) chloride hydrate (1g per group), 6M HCL

2. Determination of the percentage of water in a hydrate (1hr)(a)
copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate or magnesium sulfate hydrate (1g per group)

3. Determination of molar mass by vapor density (1.5hr)(b)
Acetone, cyclohexane, anhydrous methanol

4. Determination of molar mass by freezing-point depression (2hr)(a)
benzoic acid (1g per group), lauric acid (10g per group)

5. Determination of molar volume of a gas. (2hr)(a)
3M HCl, magnesium ribbon (10cm or 0.1g per group)

6. Standardization of a solution using primary standard (2hr)(a)
0.10M NaOH solution, unknown M HCl, unknown M HAc

7. Determination of concentration by acid-base titration, including weak acid or weak base (2hr)(a,b)
1.00M NaOH, 1.00M HAc, phosphoric acid

8. Determination of concentration by oxidation-reduction titration (2hr)c
0.01M potassium permanganate, iron (II) ammonium sulfate hexahydrate (FAS), 3% hydrogen peroxide

9. Determination of mass and mole relationship in a chemical reaction (2hr)a
0.50M sodium hypochlorite solution, 0.50M sodium thiosulfate solution, 0.20M sodium hydroxide solution

10. Determination of the equilibrium constant for a chemical reaction (2hr)a
0.200M iron (III) nitrate solution in 1.0M nitric acid, 0.00200M iron (III) nitrate solution in 1.0M nitric acid, 0.002M potassium thiocyanate solution in 0.10M nitric acid, potassium thiocyanate

11. Determination of appropriate indicators for various acid-base titration, pH determination (2hr)a
0.10M sodium hydroxide solution, 0.10M HCl solution, 0.10M HAc solution, 0.10M ammonia solution, phenolphthalein indicator solution, bromthymol blue indicator solution, methyl orange indicator solution

12. Determination of the rate of a reaction and its order. (2hr)c
pyrolusite, 10% hydrogen peroxide solution, 0.1M KI

13. Determination of enthalpy change associated with a reaction (2hr)a
2.0M HCl, 2.0M ammonia, 2.0M sodium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), 2.0M ammonium chloride

14. Separation and qualitative analysis of cations and anions. (3+hr)b
see above list

15. Synthesis of a coordination compound and its chemical analysis (2+hr)b

16. Analytical gravimetric determination (1.5hr)(a,b)

17. Colorimetric or spectrophotometric analysis (2hr)(b)
0.40M copper (II) sulfate and unknown M of this solution

18. Separation by chromatography (2hr)( b,c)
Isopropanol (rubbing alcohol), Kool-aid (unsweetened)

19. Preparation and properties of buffer solutions (1.5hr)b
0.5M sodium hydroxide, 0.5M HCl, 0.1M HAc, 1.0M HAc, solid sodium acetate

20. Determination of electrochemical series (1hr)(a,b)
Cu, Zn, Mg and Pb metals, 0.1M silver nitrate, 0.1M copper (II) nitrate, 0.1M zinc nitrate, 0.1M magnesium nitrate, lead (II) nitrate, bleach, liquid bromine, solid iodine, 0.1Msodium chloride, 0.1M sodium bromide, 0.1M potassium iodide

21. Measurement using electrochemical cells and electroplating (1.5hr)(a,c)
Cu, Pb and Zn electrodes, 0.1M copper (II) nitrate solution, 0.10M lead (II) nitrate solution, 1.0M copper (II) sulfate solution, 0.05M potassium iodide solution, 1M potassium nitrate solution, 0.10M zinc nitrate solution, 0.10M silver nitrate solution.

22. Sythesis, purification and analysis of an organic compound (2+hr)(b)
Formic acid (methanoic acid), propionic acid (propanoic acid), butyric acid (butanoic acid), salicylic acid, anthranilic acid, methanol, ethanol, n-propanol, isopropyl alcohol, butyl alcohol, isoamyl (isopentyl) alcohol, octanol

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