Make-Up HW For Atomic Structure Math Portion - Revised 2023-2024

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Answer the following problems showing all appropriate work as discussed in class notes and previous HW assignments.

1. What is the frequency of light if the energy is 4.13E-19J ?

2. What is wavelength (in nm) of light if it has a frequency of 7.03E14 Hz?

3. What is the wavelength of light that has an energy of 5.81E-19J ?

4. If light has a frequency of 5.71E14HZ, what is its energy (in J)?

5. What is the frequency of light with a wavelength of 632nm?

Answer: 1) 6.26E14Hz  2) 427nm  3) 341nm  4) 3.77E-19Jnm  5) 4.75E14Hz  

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