Modification Of Side 4 For 2023-2024 Equilibrium Group Project

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Side 4 of 2023-2024 Equilibrium Group Project is being changed to the following:

Side 4

Evaluation of Solubility of an Ionic Compound in water (Ksp)

As you know, when an equilibrium system exist, one can write an Equilibrium constant expression (K) including all substances including its phases. Then you cancel out as "1" any species (reactants or products) that are liquid or solid. So when you dissolve an solid ionic compound (A1D1 (s)) in water into its ions, the solid component in Equilibrium constant expression cancels out as "1" as shown below

1 A1D1 (s) --> 1 A1+ + 1 D1-

K = [A1+]E[D1-]E
         [A1D1 (s)]E

rewritten as K = [A1+]E[D1-]E
, which is called Solubility Product (Ksp), that shows how "much" that solid ionic compounds separates into its ions in water.

There will be 4 solid ionic compounds and their Ksp values written below. You will write the reversible reaction for solid ionic compound to dissolve (separate into its ions in water).
With your understanding of K, you will determine how to order the 4 solid ionic compound (as stated below). You will need to discuss reasoning behind order the solids in the manner that you did.

Solid Ionic compound #1:

Solid Ionic compound #2:

Solid Ionic compound #3:

Solid Ionic compound #4:

You will order these compounds by _______________________.

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