One Step Mole Calculation Handout - Revised 2022-2023

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One Step Calculation Handout #1

Revised for 2022-2023 Students

Answer the following problems showing all work. Make sure to first write down appropriate equation.

All work on separate sheets where no more than 4 problems on a page (a page is both sides).

1. How many moles are there in 27.2 grams of potassium(K)?

2. What is the molar mass of C6H12O6?

3. What is the mass of 0.243 moles of C6H12O6?

4. How many molecules of C6H12O6 are in 0.40 moles of C6H12O6?

5. How many grams are there in 106.2 moles of Pb1O2?

6. I have 2.0X1022 (2.0E22) molecules of C1O2, how many moles of C1O2 do I have?

7. How many grams are there in 0.20 moles of C2H3N2?

8. How many moles in 2.45E24 molecules of tetranitrogen pentachloride (N4Cl5)?

9. How many formula units in 0.46 moles of Mn1Br2?

10. What volume does 42.4 moles of fluorine gas (F2) occupy at STP?

11. How many moles of O2 are in 56.3 liters of O2 (a gas) at STP?

12. What is the volume of 45.3 moles of any gas at STP?

13. How many mole are there in 4.20E18 f.u. of Al1Br3?

1. 0.697 mole K
2) 180.g C6H12O6
   1 mole C6H12O6

3. 43.7g C6H12O6
4. 2.4E23 molecules C6H12O6
5. 2.538E4g Pb1O2
6. 3.3E-2 mole C1O2
7. 11g C2H3N2
8. 4.07 moles N4Cl5
9. 2.8E23 f.u. Mn1Br2
10. 950. L F2 at STP
11. 2.51 moles O2 at STP
12. 1.01E3 L gas at STP
13. 6.99E-6 mole Al1Br3

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