Rate Of Reaction - Clock Lab With Temp Change

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Rate of Reaction - Clock Lab with Temp Change

Chemical Reactions

Effect of temperature on rate of reaction:

1. Add 5mL of Solution A and 5ml of water into a 100mL beaker (Label A/water).

2. Add 10mL of Solution B into another 100mL beaker (Label B).

3. Place both 100mL beakers into the "cold water" bath and let solution get to temperature for 3-5mins.

4. Once at temperature, pour Solution A/water into reaction beaker (another 100mL beaker) and then Solution B.

5. Start recording time when Solution B is added to reaction beaker (i.e. Solution A/water).

6. When you "see change", record the time it took to get there, as Lower (cold) temp:.

7. Repeat the same procedures (1-6) but just with the hot water bath. Record as Higher (Warmer) Temp.

Data Table: Volumes of Solutions vs. Reaction Rate
Trial # Solution A Water Solution B Rate of Rxn(sec)
Trial 1 (Cold) 5.0ml 5.0ml 10.0ml ______________
Trial 2 (Hot) 5.0ml 5.0ml 10.0ml ______________

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