Review HW For Atomic Structure (Non-Math) - Revised 2023-2024

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Name: ________________________ Period: ______

1a) What Greek is credited with concept of atom? _______________________
1b) What did he call the atom? __________________

2) What are the 4 part of Daltons Atomic theory (indent and explain the updated version if one exist).

3) Knowing Dalton atomic theory, what are two additional ways that you can state the Law of Conservation of Mass (beside mass is conserved).

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

4) What are the results of Thomson's Expt. Please explain the results from what he did in the experiment.

5) What was the name of the Thomson's atomic model. Draw a picture this model.

6) Rutherford Gold leaf experiment is famous for determine the structure of the atom. Using the information from his experiment, explain how he got the characteristic of the thing he called "the nucleus".

6) What is the relative volume ratio (i.e. a grapefruit vs. orange) of the volume of the nucleus compared to the volume of the overall atom?

7) What was the name of the atomic model for Rutherford and draw a picture of this model.

8). Bohr's atomic model was called _________________________. He helped explain the movement of what subatomic particle?________________________

9) Bohr's atomic model "cuts" the volume outside of the nucleus into concentric spheres where the electrons can only reside on the "surfaces of the spheres".
9a) What did he call these spheres? ________________

9b) To explain answer to 9a, Bohr create a coordinate system when "cutting" up volume outside of nucleus. What was the basis of the coordinate system, the _________ the electron is located outside of nucleus equals (=) the __________ that the electron has.

9c) What part of Bohr's model is incorrect? _______________________

10) Bohr also explain how the atom relates with energy. Using your knowledge of this model, what are the following:
10a) Ground state of atom?
10b) Excited state of atom?
10c) How does an electron move when the atom goes from Ground state to Excited state
10d) How does an electron move when the atom goes from the Excited state back down to the original Ground state?
10e) Atom emits discrete energy packet size when electron move how?

11) What did Planck say about what light or energy is?

12) Other scientist of his day believe that light or energy acted like a ___________?

13) Debroglie said what?

14) How does what Debroglie say confirm/support Bohr's model interacting with energy?

15) How are wavelength and frequency of light related, directly or indirectly?

16) How are energy and frequency of an electron related, directly or indirectly?

17) How are energy and wavelength of an electron related, directly or indirectly?

18) What are the wavelength of the color red and violet and what are the name of the region of the electromagnetic spectrum that have wavelength higher than red and lower that violet?

19a) What was the other name for Schrodinger's Quantum Model of the Atom and draw a picture of it.

19b) In Quantum model, what can't you know about electrons?

19c) Define what an orbital is and how does it relate to the Quantum model of Atom?

19d) In the Quantum model, what are the four letter that designate orbitals (actually they are subenergy level but OK to call orbital here).

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