Revised 2023-2024 Questioons For Notes On Overview And General Understanding Of Equilibrium

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1) Everybody goes to the party.

2) Even though outward (macro-view) observations are not changing, there is constant change (both reactions are occurring), (micro-view) in the system.
3) Mostly product
4) Equilibrium concentrations of all the species in the "bucket"
5) When the rate of the forward reaction and backward reaction are equal
6) They both use the same "mathematical expression". The are different in when the concentrations are used. Intitial and up to but not including equilibrium is the Reaction quotient. At equilibrium, it is the Equilibrium constant.
7) Do not do
8) Stays constant (No change)
9) Do not do
10) solid and liquid are arrowed out, aqueous and gas are not.

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