2015-2016 Review HW For Acid/Base Test

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Part I For the following questions, please give the appropriate chemical name or chemical formula (show work including the information required above). Also, state if it is a strong electrolyte, weak electrolyte or non-electrolyte.

1. H2S

2. Hydroselenic acid

3. H2SO4

4. Sulfurous acid

5. Ca1(OH)2

6. Phosphoric acid

7. Ammonia

8. C1O2

9. Ba1(ClO2)2

10. H1NO2

Part II - Please answer the following with appropriate vocabulary and complete sentences where appropriate.

1. There is a 1.0M H2SO4 solution, 1.0M HCl solution and a 1.0HF solution. It was found that the relative pHs of the solution went from lowest, middle, to highest, respectively. Explain why the pH range was true for the three solutions.

2. What does a pH indicate do and how does the compound do it?

3. Why do you use a pH indicator in an Acid - Base titration. When you do use this, what calculation are use allowed to use then to help you find the unknown substance's Molarity or Volume (2016-2017 students do not do.

4. Write down the mathematical equation to determine pH. How are the pH and [H1+ related, direct or indirect proportion? What in the math equation determines this?

Part III - Please answer the following questions showing all appropriate work.

1. What is the pH of a 5.14E-3M Carbonic acid solution (assume it is a strong acid).

2. What is the concentration (in M) of a calcium hydroxide solution that has a pOH of 3.145?

3. What is the pH of a 5.3E-4M sodium hydroxide solution?

4. 455ml of a 0.452M Sulfuric acid solution is neutralized with a 0.150M sodium hydroxide solution. How many liters of the sodium hydroxide solution to complete neutralize all the acid? (2016-2017 students do not do

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