2020-2021 Objectives Of Compound Naming Chemical Formula Writing

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Students will be able to:

1) Memorize the seven (7) diatomic elements (H2,N2,O2,F2,Cl2,Br2, and I2). Also, know their phase (also called state of matter, liquid,etc) at room temp (20°C)

Molecular Compounds

2. Write the chemical name from the chemical formula of a molecular compound (cpd) and write the chemical formula of a molecular cpd (called a molecular formula) from its chemical name.

3. Memorize the Prefix Table in Naming Molecular Compound handout.

Ionic Compounds (IC)

4. Understand the concept of what an "ionic compound" and "ionic bond" is and what the subscripts mean in a chemical formula of an ionic compound.

5. Using the Periodic Table (or from memory), be able to determine the symbol and charge of ions that elements from the Periodic Table become as they lose or gain valence electrons. Also, you need to be able to state the name of these ions.

6. Differentiate between a Binary Ionic compound (IC), IC with Polyatomic ions , IC with Cations with More than One Charge and any combination of these. Also, student need to understand even though IC are separated into 3 groups, there is only one "way" of naming IC with 3 different slight differences.

7. Provide the correct chemical name from chemical formula or visa versa for any of Ionic compound. (IC).

8. Memorize and be able to use the following ions in determining the chemical name and/or chemical formula of an ionic compound.

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