2020-2021 Objectives Of Mole Concept

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2020-2021 Objectives of Mole Concept

Essential Question (EQ1): Are there any basic skills/theory?

The student should be able to:

1) Understand the Mole concept as a grouping method that allows chemists to mass out (Massing), count (number of base unit/particles) and/or to obtain the volume (for gases only @STP) of substance that one could not mass/count/volume individually.

2) Understand the Mole concept comes from the work of Guy-Lassiac and Avogardo's work on combining gases. In addition, the understanding that scientist understood the relative mass differences between elements but the Mole concept allows those relative difference be actual masses. Also, the updated or new definition of Atomic mass (molar mass).

One Step Mole Calculations

3) Correctly set-up and calculate One Step Mole Calculation Problems (mass for elements,#particle,volume) using the class rule and the sig fig rules.

4) Have a general understanding of Molecular compounds (MC) and Ionic compounds (IC) including which elements from MC or IC, what subcripts mean and be able to calculate Molar masses.

5) Correctly set-up and calculate One Step Mole Calculations problems for massing compounds using molar mass calculation values.

6) Be able to use the Mole Wheel as a graphic organizer to help with setting up One Step Mole problems.Do Not NEED TO KNOW

7) Be able to explain the difference between a solute, solvent and solution and the concept of Molarity (a type of concentration). Also be able to use Molarity and volume of a solution in determining the mole of solute in the solute. In this way, solution chemistry (Molarity) is the 4th "spoke" of the Mole Wheel (another way of using Mole concept in this case Molarity time volme to mole and visa versa).
Two Step Mole Calculation
8) Correctly set-up and calculate Two Step Mole Calculation Problems (using the Mole Wheel, if desired) including molar mass calculation and the sig fig rules.<b>
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