2021-2022 CP Chem329 Making Bath Bomb Stoichiometry Lab Summary

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Names:________________________________________  Period: ___________

Balanced Chemical Reaction:

         ______ Na1(HCO3)1  + _____ H3C6H5O7 ==>  ____ H2(CO3)1  + ____ Na3(C6H5O7)1  
                      A                            B                                ↓       C                        D
                                                                                        →_______   +  _________
                                                                                                   E                  F
Chem Reaction Type: ______________

Observation/reason you know reaction occurred:

Chem Name (Products) F: _________________

Chem Name (Products) E: _________________

Chem Name (Products) D: _________________

Chem Name (Products) C: _________________

Chem Name (Ingredient) B: _________________  Mass of B Added: ________________g

Chem Name (Ingredient) A: _________________  Mass of A Added: ________________g

Show calculation for grams of A
needed in above reaction below
or separate sheet

You needed ____g baking soda to react all
the citric acid and you added_____g. Which
reactant is limiting reactant: ___________

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