Activity Series Or Strength Chart

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Activity Series or Strength Chart
Lithium, Li Y Flourine, F2
Potassium, K T Chlorine, Cl2
Barium, Ba I Bromine, Br2
Calcium, Ca V Iodine, I2
Sodium, Na I
Magnesium, Mg T
Aluminum, Al C
Zinc, Zn A
Iron, Fe
Nickel, Ni E
Tin, Sn S
Lead, Pb A
Hydrogen, H2 E
Copper, Cu R
Mercury, Hg C
Silver, Ag N
Gold, Au I


1. The elements on the left are metals (forming cations) and on the right are non-metals (forming anions).

2. Elements higher up on the table have more "activity" than ones lower on the table.

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