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Be a Maker, not just a Consumer

In our current world, one can find/buy almost everything and usually done by simply typing some keystrokes on a computer/phone/electronic devise. With this ease of obtaining material goods, what sometimes is lost is the "Art" of making something. Of course, you can find thousands of reasons why you had to "buy it" instead of making it. For example, have two small children, a full time job, and elderly parent,etc. so can't find time to learn how to make chocolate chip cookies (never any nuts) or pizza.

Hence the phrase above. I would like you to try to make something instead of just buying something.

For this current time, it does not make a difference what you are going to make EXCEPT IT CAN'T BE DIGITAL. It must be physical that you are going to make yourself (a little help from a parent, etc. is ok too if it makes you feel more comfortable). A major reason for me to ask you to do this project is to get you away from the electronic devices (unless you are making the actual physical electronic device).

A) Limitations of Project(s) (Of course school/parent appropriate)

1) As started above, it must be something you PHYSICALLY make. NO DIGITAL generations.

2) FOR NOW, the timeline for completion is less than one week. Must be done for the Friday submission. Also, it should be something you can do in a short period of time (an hour unless you want to spend more time).

3) When completed, it does NOT have to be CORRECT or WORK.

B) Product

1) Objective/hypothesis/reason to do project

2) Explanation of how it was done

3) Deliverables

4) Will be submitted to Assignment section of Schoology

5) Deadline: Every Friday (end of day)

As an example, my 5 year old daughter and I have been baking stuff. One day it was pancakes, another day it was cookies. She wants to try and make bath bombs. Of course, she will be helping and I will be doing most of the work. But hopefully this gives you an idea of what I am taking about but please do not think you have cook/bake something because it could be something else (for a completely different thing, how about learning how to tie a tie.)

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