Boyle's Law Notes

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Boyle's Law - Volume and Pressure

I. Assignments
a. Perform Demonstration #1 as described below
b. Read Section 14.2 just Pages 418 & 419
c. Take notes on animation in first link in GasLaws webpage
d. Go to GasLaws webpage to fill in word definition & math equation for this law.
g. Do Problem handout , BoylesLawProblemSet in website under GasLaws

Part 1 Demonstration #1

1. Add a large marshmallow to the 250ml beaker and place it under the bell jar.
2. Make sure the bell jar has a good seal to its base before starting the vacuum pump.
3. Make observation as air is evacuated from the jar. (you should not keep the pump on for a long time.
4. Turn off vacuum pump and pull off tube (donít try to take off bell jar until after you depressurize the jar). Make observation.
5. You can eat the marshmallow as long as it stayed in the beaker.


Notes on Book work and/or Experiment

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