Candy Cane Mole Massing Lab

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Candy Cane Mole Massing Lab

A favorite Christmas item is the Christmas Candy Cane.

It is made with the major ingredient called sucrose (the chemical formula is C12H22O11) but we call it "table sugar or simply sugar". It is actually a group of atoms we call a molecular compound where (due to the elements Electronegativity differences) the elements share their valence electrons). Sucrose is just one of group (sometimes called a Family) of chemicals called Sugars. The link below goes to a Youtube video on how Hammond's Candy Company makes a Candy Cane.

Objective: To determine the number of Sucrose molecules are in your Candy cane package.

1) Obtain a Candy cane package.
2) Weigh out the Candy cane package. Do not take out of wrapper
3) Write down the mass of the Candy cane in the space below.

In space below:
1)Calculate the molar mass of sucrose
2) Calculate the moles of sucrose you have in your Candy Cane

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