Charles' Law Notes

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Charles’s Law - Volume and Temperature of Gases

I. Assignment
a. Perform Demonstration #1 as described below and make observation below
c. Read Section 14.2 just Pages 420 & 421
d. Take notes on animation in first link in GasLaws webpage
e. Go to GasLaws webpage to fill in word definition & math equation for this law.
f. Do Problem handout , CharlesLawProblemSet (also in webpage under GasLaws)

Part 1 Demonstration #1

Caution: Apparatus (including coffee can) is HOT!!!

a. Make sure that the balloon just barely fit in the wire cage
b. Turn on flame so that flame is not higher than ½ inch
c. Place flame under stand & coffee can ( CAN SHOULD BE HOT)
d. Place cage & balloon on top of coffee can.
e. Record observation (DON’T LET BALLOON BREAK)


Notes on Book work and/or Experiment

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