Classification Of Matter HW

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Choose words from the list below to fill in the blanks in the paragraph.

Word List
chemical property, compound, element, extensive property,
heterogeneous matter,homogeneous matter, intensive property,
mixture, physical property, property, substance.

Matter that has uniform characteristics throughout is called (1)_____________.

Matter that has parts with different characteristics is called (2)___________.

A characteristic by which a variety of matter is recognized is called a(n) (3) ___________.

A characteristic that depends upon the amount of matter in the sample (4)_________.

A characteristic that does not depend upon the amount of matter is called (5)________.

A characteristic that can be observed without producing new kinds of matter, (6)_________.

A characteristic that depends on how a kind of matter changes during interaction
with other kinds of matter, (7)______________

Matter can also be classified according to the basic types of matter it contains.
A substance that can not be broken down into other substance by chemical means, (8)______

A chemical combination of substances is called (9)__________.

A physical combination of different substances that retains their individual properties, (10)_______

Either an element or compound may be referred to as a(n) (11)_________.

Classify each of the following as an element (E), compound (C), heter. mixture (EM), homogeneous mixture (OM).

12) Water __, 13) Carbon, __ 14) Air, __ 15) Table salt, ___
16) Sugar dissolved in water, __ 17) Homogeneous milk, __ 18) Granite, ___
19) Oxygen, 20) Sand in water, ___

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