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Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure

1. A gas container contains 32.0grams of oxygen gas and 13.4 grams of nitrogen gas. The temperature of the gas is 107degC and occupies 2.57L. What is the partial pressure of oxygen gas, PO2, and partial pressure of nitrogen gas, PN2 and what is total pressure?

2. A 2.5L gas container contains carbon dioxide gas, methane gas (CH4) and ammonia gas (NH3) and is at a temperature of 25degC. What is the partial pressure of each gas and the total pressure in the container if there are 1.5 grams, 0.56 grams, and 1.56 grams, respectively of the the above gases.?

1) PO2=12.1atm PN2=5.80atm PT =17.9atm 2)PCO2=0.33atm PCH4=0.34atm PNH3=0.90atm PT=1.6atm
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