Daltons Law Of Partial Pressure Problem Set 2

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1. A gas mixture consist of ammonia gas, nitrogen dioxide gas and carbon monoxide gas. What is the total pressure of the gas mixture if the partial pressure of the gases are 1.03 atm, 4.24 atm and 0.73 atm?

2. Carbon dioxide gas is generated in the chemical rxn 1 KCLO2 --> 1 KCl + 1 CO2
If we collect this gas under water, what is the partial pressure of the carbon dioxide gas generated if the total pressure is 235kPa and the partial pressure of water vapor (we call it vapor pressure) is 31 kPa (temperature of water is approximately 70degC)?

3. What is the partial pressure of nitrogen gas in air if the air is composed of nitrogen gas, oxygen gas and carbon dioxide gas? The total pressure of the air is 925mmHg, the partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide is 215mmHg and 178mmHg?

Answer: 1) 6.00atm 2) 204kPa 3) 532mmHg

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