Equilibrium Notes 1

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Equilibrium: Reversible Rxn and Equilibrium Constant
Notes from Section 18.2 (Exclude LeChatelier's Principle)

Virtually All Chemical Reactions are ____________________ (go over in class)

Def. Reversible reaction:

Showing Reversible Reaction (will do in class)

For reversible reactions, explain what is happening when the reaction first start and then what eventually happens?(Look at Fig 18-10)

Def. Chemical Equilibrium:(Leave some space for class notes)

Rate_____ = Rate_______ (go over in class)

3 Most Important things about Equilibrium




Concentration vs Time graph

Def concentration:

Dynamic Equilibrium



Def Equilibium constant (General), K =

Def Equilibrium (Mathematical), K =

Def Equilibrium constant expression:

Def. Equilibrium position

Condtions for K:

K>1 means

K<1 means

K=1 means

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