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Gas Density and Gas Law / Stoichiometry Problem Set

1a. Zinc will react with hydrochloric acid to produce a gas and another product. Write the balanced chemical reaction below including phase.

1b. If I collect the gas that is produced from completely reacting all 32.5 grams of zinc (assuming excess amount of hydrochloric acid), what is the volume of the container. Assume that the temperature is 15.4degC and the pressure is 321kPa?

2. What is the pressure of chlorine gas in a 374ml container that is at a temperature of 103deg C and containers 5.45 grams of the gas?

3. What parameters will change the density of a container of gas? Give me an example of container of gas that is less dense than most other containers (both gas compound/ element and parameters).

Answer: 1b)3.68L 2)6.33atm 3)will discuss
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