Gas Generation Problems

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1. Aluminum reacts with hydrochloric acid (HCl) to form a gas product and an aqueous product. Write the balance chemical reaction and write the type of reaction it is.

If you collected 4.25L of the gas product at 35degC and a gas pressure of 76.2kPa, what is the mass of the aluminum you needed to react completely to generate the gas.

2. Copper (II) carbonate decomposes into Copper (II) oxide and carbon dioxide. Write the balanced chemical reaction and state the type of chemical reaction it is.

If you completely decompose 12.9g of Copper (II) carbonate (using the chemical reaction above), how many liters of the gas product do you have if the gas is at a pressure of 23.4psi and a temperature of 56degC ?

3. If the gas in Question 2 (the question above) was collected "under water" and the total gas mixture pressure was 92.6psi and vapor pressure of the water is 24.5psi, what is volume (in L) of the gas Hint, (the gas pressure is now different)2017-2018 Learners Do Not Do.

4a. Hydrogen gas reacts with oxygen gas to produce water (as a gas). If I react 5.61g of Hydrogen gas with excess amount of oxygen gas, what is the volume (inL) of water (as a gas) if the pressure is 673mmHg and a temperature of 25degC?
First write the balance chemical reaction.

4b. If take the number of moles of the gas you got in Question 4a (at the conditions of the gas) and you change the temperature and pressure of the gas to 823mmHg and 87degC ,what will the new volume (in L) will be?

Answer: 1) 2.27 g

2) V = 1.77 L

3. V = 0.609 L

4a) V = 76.1 L

4b) V = 75.2 L

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