Guy-Lussaic' (No Name) Law Notes

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Guy- Lussac's Law - Temperature vs. Pressure (No-Name’s Law)

I. Assignment
a. Perform Demonstration #1 & #2 as described below
b. Read Section 14.2 just Pages 422 & 423

e. Take notes on animation in first link in GasLaws webpage

f. Go to GasLaws webpage to fill in word definition & math equation for this law.
h. Do Problem handout , Guy-Lussaic' (No Name) Law Problem Set in website under GasLaws

Part 1 - Demonstration #1

1. Turn valve until it is parallel (“Open”) with adaptor
2. Turn valve perpendicular (“closed”) to adaptor
3. Record pressure on gage at room temperature
5. Place ball of apparatus into ice water for ˝ minute or until pressure become constant. Record pressure & temperature

Part 2 - Demonstration #2

Caution: Apparatus (including soda can) is HOT!!!
a. Get soda can & add 5 ml of tap water
b. Place soda can on heat apparatus
c. Heat soda can with bunsen burner until steam comes out of can
d. With beaker tongs grab can near bottom (CAUTION: CAN IS HOT AND COULD STILL HAVE HOT WATER IN IT) and invert it into water bath
e. Record observation (Discard can after down in trash can).

Please put Notes on Book work and Observations from Experiment on back of this webpage

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