Heat Calculation Handout 1

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Heat Calculation Handout 1

Answer the following problems showing all work (look at Example of Work Handout)

1. How much heat (in cals) is required to raise the temperature of 155 grams of water from 25.0degC to 65.5degC?

2. What is the mass of water if you added 3.4Kcal to the water and the water temperature raised from 63.2degC to 87.3degC?

3. What is the specific heat of a substance if the temperature of the substance is raised from 35.0degC to 98.3degC by adding 3.25KJ of heat energy. The mass of the substance is 365grams.

1) 6.28E3 cal
2) 140g or 1.4E2g
3) 0.141 J/(g-°C)

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