Homework For Scientific Notation

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1. Express the following measurements in scientific notation.

a. 420,000L (3 sig fig in answer)

b. 0.0425s (2sig fig in answer)

c. 431.05cm (3sig fig in answer)

d. 0.00300kg (3 sig fig in answer)

Do the following math and provide in appropriate sig fig, S.N. (scientific notation form as needed). Make sure to show both N+1 (number with 1 more sig fig than in answer including units) and answer in correct sig fig, S.N. and units.

a. ( 2.40E2 m ) (1.30E7 m ) =

b. 4.3E6 m3 / 1.3E4 s =

c. ( 4.25E4 m ) (9.3E5 m ) =

d 6.4E3 kg / 3.2E2 s =

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