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Example of Lab Notebooks (You will need to get one of the following, it is dedicated to just Labs)
General Notes for Lab Notebook (In the following, a page is both front and back of paper)
1. Your name and period are written (easily seen) on the cover of the lab notebook. I have wax pencils (black or yellow) that works great on 1st subject notebook.

2. 1st page of lab notebook (both front and back) will be used as a Table of Content (or you could call it List of Labs/demos). Each activity you do in lab will have its own line on this page where you will write the title and what page (or you can write pages (i.e. Pg 4-6))

3. After the 1st page, leave 4 pages blank and not numbered for explanation of lab notebook (these pages) and/or pictures of equipment.

4. All materials that will be added to the lab notebook need to be taped onto a page (completely, not just edges of added paper).

5. Added material can not be outside the lab notebook and can not be folded to be able to stay within the confines of lab notebook (i.e. no origami).

6. Each new entry into the lab notebook (the ones you are adding to the Table of Content) need to start on the right hand page.

7. After the Table of Content page and the 4 blank pages, all pages will be numbered. A front and back of a page is two separate number. For example, that first page, the front is Pg 1 and the back is Pg 2. Where you locates these number on the actual page is up to you except it must be consistent for all pages.

8. Unless you are working with the Lab notebook, they will be kept in a designated location (by periods) in the classroom.

9. Showing work in the lab notebook will be the same as in class (i.e. as if it was a test). See your class notes for specifics.

10. You can not erase anywhere in the lab notebook. If you make a mistake, simply put a one line through it (don't scribble it out). You can use either pencil or pen.

Lab Submissions

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