Lab Notebook Check Non-Concept Based Material

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Student Name: ____________________  Grader Initial: __________  Lab Report: __________________

1) Lab report started on right side of page. __________ (1pt)

2) Was lab report found in the Title Page (including correct numbered page for start of lab): ___________ (1pt)

3) Was all information taped in lab notebook correctly (if just corners, no credit). __________(1pt)

4) All information inside the lab notebook (no folding or paper outside the lab notebook): ______(1pt).

5) Partner's name in lab notebook. ________ (1pt).

6) Was there a handwritten or printed lab procedures in lab report. ______________ (1pt).

7) Was there an organizer neat and "legible" data table. _______ (1pt)

8) For Calculation section, are all units/symbols included (as required for calculations in classwork) _________(1pt)

9) For Calculation section, is all work completed (as required for calculations in classwork). _________(1pt)

10) For Questions section, are questions and their corresponding answer properly organized. _________ (1pt)

Total point given ____________ / 10pts

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