Objective Of Mass And Matter - Revised 2015

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Objectives of Mass and Matter - Revised 2015

Essential Question (EQ1): Are there any basic skills/theory?

The student should be able to:
Show all work in mathematical problems as stated in class.

1. Be able to state and explain the Four Basic Principles
2. Be able to state/understand (and explain each basic unit (I call Particles) of matter

3. Explain the difference between physical and chemical properties including providing examples.
4. Explain the difference between intensive and extensive properties including providing examples.
5. Explain the difference between chemical change (i.e. chemical reaction ) and a physical process
6. State the four observations for a chemical reaction.
7. Differentiate between an element, compound and mixture. There is a common flowchart for that covers all matter).
8. Differentiate between a heterogeneous and homogeneous mixture including providing examples.
9. Explain the three reason why mixtures and compounds are different including how homogeneous mixture is different from compound.
10. Differentiate between a solution (homogeneous solution), colloid, and a suspension.
11. Explain the Tyndal Effect and how it relates to Heterogenous mixtures and homogeneous mixtures.
12. Be able to define compound and Temperature(exactly as I have defined them). Only definitions need to know verbadum.
13. Define chemistry and understand the difference between pure and applied scientists.
14. State the 3 phases of matter and be able to explain how they are different from each other (including Intermolecular Force issue) using the particle view of matter.

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