Objectives Of Atomic Structure - Revised 2008

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Objectives of Atomic Structure - Revised 2008

Essential Questions (EQ2): Are there any basic particles ?

2020-2021 Students, cross out means don't need to know for assessment

The student should be able to (bold numbers are MA Framework Standard numbers):

1. Trace the development of atomic theory and the structure of the atom from the Greeks to the present (Dalton, Thompson, Rutherford, Bohr, and charge cloud model).

*h) Explain Bohr's (planetary model of the atom) theory of the atom including distance electron from nucleus = energy in electron, how electrons move in atoms (ground state of atom, excited state of atom, electron in lower energy level, electron in higher energy level).

Level 1 Leaners will also need to know these but NOT CP (Level 2) Leaners

2. Explain what light is in terms of DeBroglie, Planck (particle characteristics), and light characteristics.

3. Describe the electromagnetic spectrum in terms of wavelength and energy; memorize the infrared and ultraviolet region w.r.t. visible spectrum and memorize red is 700nm and violet is 400nm). [2.6]

4. Be able to calculate energy, wavelength and frequency using all appropriate equations and how the variable relate to each other (e.g. direct vs, indirect proportion).

5. Be able to explain the significant of a bright line spectra and what each line indicates (mean with respect to the atom).

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