Objectives Of Ionic Cpd And Two Step Mole

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Objectives of Ionic Cpd and Two Step Mole

Essential Questions (EQ2): Are there any basic particles?
The student should be able to:(bolded number are MA Framework Standard numbers)

1. Draw correct Lewis Dot Structures of ionic compounds.(4.2)

2. Correctly set-up and calculate One Step or Two Step Mole Calculation Problems using the Mole Wheel in your folder including molar mass calculation and the sig fig rules.[5.3,5.4](5.3)

3. Understand and be able to calculate percent composition problems both form mass data or a chemical formula.
4. Understand the difference between an Empirical Formula (EF) and Molecular Formula (MF) and how it relates to the subscripts of the chemical formula.[5.4](5.4)
5. Calculate EFand MF. This include determining EF from mass data, percent composition info, and MF from mass data, percent composition and EF data. [5.4](5.4)

6. Provide the correct chemical name from chemical formula or visa versa for both ionic (IC) and molecular compounds (MC) including:(4.6)

2019-2020 Added:
7.Understand how to calculate the number of mole of a solute in a solution and visa versa (called Molarity calcualtions). Also Molarity calculations make another "spoke" on the Mole Wheel
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