Objectives Of Labskills And Measurement II

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Objectives of Labskills and Measurement II

Revised for 2020-2021 Honor Students

Essential Question (EQ1): Are there any basic skills/theory?

The student should be able to:

1. Show all work in mathematical problems as stated in class.
2. Differentiate between independent and dependent variable and which axes they are on a graph. Be able to graph data on a x-y graph.
3. Use dimensional analysis appropriate to solve problems including showing all work; units canceling, number before you round in correct scientific notation and one more sig fig than in answer, and answer in proper form (sig fig & scientific notation if needed). Also, if solving by equation, you will follow the rules for showing work outlined in class.
4. Memorize and be able to use Percent error Equation.
5. Memorize the metric system conversion factors.
6. Be able to use their lab notebook correctly including proper formatting (both Formal Lab Report and Informal Lab Reports,etc) and editing.
6. Be able to transfer number into Scientific Notation (and visa versa) and use Scientific Notation in calculation (including appropriate Sig Figs).

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