One Step Mole Problems For Elements - Numbers

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Chemistry - One Step Mole Problem for Elements - Numbers

Answer the following using the appropriate equation or using dimensional analysis. Show all work, cancel units, etc.

1. How many moles of P (phosphorus) do I have if I have 4.32E24 atoms P?

2. How many atoms K in 0.125 moles K (potassium)?

3. If I counted out 3.417E22 atom Fe (iron), how many moles Fe do I have?

4. If I have 6.12E24 atoms B (boron), how many moles do I have?

5. How many atoms of Pb (lead) do I need to have 2.543 moles of Pb?

6. If I have counted out 2.32E15 atoms of Na (sodium), how many moles of Na do I have?

Answer: 1)7.18mole P 2)7.53E22 atom K 3)0.05676mole Fe
4) 10.2 mole B 5) 1.531E24 atom Pb 6) 3.85E-9 mole Na

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