Review Homework For Gas Problems

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Review Homework for Gas Problems


1. A mole of nitrogen gas (N2) is at a pressure of 760.mmHg and a temperature of 0.degC. What is the volume of this gas?

Using the answer and information from Problem 1, fill in these blanks.
____ moles = ____ L at T = ___ and P = ___ (what is this temp & pressure called ____________)

What concept have you seen this relationship before in ? _____________________

2. Give the equation of density: _____2014-2015 Learners do not any part of this question_______________________________
If you assume that moles (n) = mass, rewrite (in the space below) the ideal gas law for density.

From this knowledge, explain (using the equation you just made) how a hot air balloon works.

3. There is a U - tube manometer where the left side is attached to the gas pressure and the right side is open to atmospheric pressure (called barometric pressure). If the liquid level on the left side is 76mmHg higher than the level on the right side and the gas pressure is 956mmHg, what is the atmospheric pressure? (If you need, draw a U - tube manometer)

4. You just got a brand new bike for Christmas (must have been a good boy/girl all year). Santa forgot to pump the tires up for you (he is very busy so you can see that some small details get overlooked). Using your know of the gas laws explain what happens when you add in air to the tire.

5. You also got one of those pump rockets. It looks like a pump with water in it and you put the rocket in it. You "pump it" up and then the rockets goes up into the sky. Using your knowledge of gases and liquids, explain why this occurs. (The rocket is held in place by a mechanism that will not release the rocket until you activate the mechanism.)

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