Massing Mole Problem For Christmas Time

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Massing Mole Problem for Christmas Time

A major part of Christmas for children (young and old) is chocolate Santa's etc. Chocolate is not a single molecule but accurately a mixture where the main ingredient is cocoa. They believe cocoa is made up of thembroma oil, which they believe the chemical formula of this oil is C64H128O2. So I want you to mass out some chocolate. Please follow the direction below.


1) Using the space on back of this page, determine the mass you need to have 0.10775moles of chocolate (C64H128O2). Please show all work.

2) After checking your answer with the teacher, obtain a Zip Lock plastic bag.

3)With a permanent marker, write the following information on the bag (before massing).
a) Name of people in the group.
b) Period #
c)Mass of plastic bag: ###g (of course you leave this blank until after you mass bag)
d)Mass of plastic bag and chocolate:###g
(of course you leave this blank until after you mass bag)

4) Mass out plastic bag and put inform on plastic bag.

5) Mass out the correct amount of chocolate and write the total mass (bag & chocolate) on bag.

6) Write all the masses you did from above on the space below.

Mass of pastic bag:

Mass of chocolate:

Mass of chocolate and plastic bag:

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