Notes On Heat Calculation - College Chemistry

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Notes on Heat Calculations - College Chemistry

Steps to Calculating Heat (Thermodynamic) Problems:

1. Define your system (the substance(s) that are changing).

2. Write down unknown information (i.e. what you are looking for).

3. Write down what you know. Remember if you are given heat value (in cal or J) you need to determine the sign of this value:

4. Write out the formula that you need to use:

5. Plug the numbers you are given into the formula (show work if you need to convert units into other units. (e.g. grams into kilograms)

6. Do math. (make sure to have units on all numbers and keep appropriate sig fig and scientific notation).

7. Check answer including correct number of sig figs, scientific notation, and proper units! Remember that the last calculation step determines the method of determining sig figs.

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